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We made it.

Another year, another frenzied shopping season. The weather was much friendlier and the shipping elves were better prepared for the surge in package delivery driven by the continued growth of e-commerce.

The Custora E-Commerce Pulse 2014 Holiday Recap Report examines the major trends during the 2014 holiday shopping season (November – December): Strong growth, mobile e-commerce, the marketing channels driving e-commerce transactions, and more.

The findings in this report are based on the Custora E-Commerce Pulse, a free dashboard tracking online transactions from over 100 US retailers, 100 million shoppers, and over $40 billion in transaction revenue. Sign up here to receive email notifications for monthly updates and seasonal research reports.

Here are four highlights from the report. Download the full report below.

We’re also holding a webinar discussing the report’s results, you can learn more and register here.


1) The most wonderful time of the year, yet again
US e-commerce revenue was up 15.6% this holiday season over holiday 2013, continuing the strong mid-teen growth streak of the past four years.


2) Black Friday and Cyber Monday still rule, but…
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still the top two shopping days (by far), but there’s more to the season than these two days (hint: when in doubt, bet on a Monday).


3) Mobile + Apple = Money
One out of four online purchases was done on a mobile device this season. Black Friday was “Mobile Friday” with nearly a third of sales done on phones and tablets. Apple is (still) the king of mobile shopping: Almost 80% of holiday mobile orders happened on iPhones and iPads.


download the full report to learn more about Apple’s role in holiday e-commerce shopping.

4) Search and Email won the season
Email marketing and online search (free and paid) were the dominant marketing channels this holiday season.


Download the full report below. We’ve also made the complete data sets for the findings within this report available here.
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Download the 2014 Holiday E-Commerce Recap Report