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Walt is one
of your best

Lauren loves
your shop.
But she might
be moving on.

Vesper just
made her first
Now what?

This is Walt.
He’s one of your best customers.
- Customer since 2010
- Acquired through Facebook Ads
- Predicted Customer Lifetime Value: $367. Nice.
Learn where to acquire more customers like Walt. - Active shopper who makes monthly purchases.
- Usually shops on Sunday afternoons.
- Likely to purchase socks and fancy shoes. Discover the best ways to keep Walt engaged,
and show him some love.
This is Lauren. She loves you.
But hasn't shopped your store in a while.
- First purchase during the holidays, 2011
- Acquired through Adwords
- Predicted Customer Lifetime Value: $539. Whoa.
Learn where to find more customers like Lauren. - Makes weekly purchases on her iPad.
- Hasn’t bought anything in over 6 weeks.
- She might be moving on, time to do something. Automatically send emails to customers like
Lauren who show the first signs of leaving.
This is Vesper.
She made her first purchase a few weeks ago.
- Acquired through a daily deal promotion
- Purchased several high-ticket items.
- Predicted Customer Lifetime Value: $298.
Learn where to find more customers like Vesper. - Strong likelihood of weekly shopping freqency.
- Likely to be interested in your accessories.
- She might be moving on, time to do something. Learn what Vesper will be most interested in
for making a second purchase.

Custora is a predictive analytics platform for e-commerce marketing teams. We help retailers find high-value customers, and keep them coming back.

Our software analyzes data to predict how customers will behave in future— the things they’re likely to buy, how much they’ll spend, even how often they’ll shop. These customer-specific insights enable brands to advertise and communicate in more effective and meaningful ways.

Find great customers

Optimize Adwords for Customer Lifetime Value

Look beyond cost per acquisition and evaluate AdWords based on long-term value. Rather than wait to see how customers behave, learn immediately with predictive CLV.


Measure the CLV of new Social customers

Finally, prioritize your social marketing channels with confidence. CLV analysis reveals just how valuable those Facebook customers will be over time.


Evaluate CLV across ad networks + affiliates

Discover which advertising networks and affiliate partners attract your highest value customers and adjust your marketing budgets accordingly.


Keep customers coming back

Activate members
into buyers

Offer the perfect nudge to stimulate that
first purchase


Convert one-timers into repeat buyers

Repeat buyers are, on average, worth 6x more than one-time buyers.


Win back repeat customers that have faded away

Identify those at risk of not returning and show them some love.