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Conversion lifts over 70%.
$20 Billion in revenue analyzed.

Custora is building the future of one-
to-one, science-powered marketing.

Historical Analytics

Quickly learn about customer
trends, cohort patterns, and
industry benchmarks.

Predictive Insights

Use cutting-edge analytics to identify your most valuable segments and reach out to at-risk customers.

Targeted Actions

Test, refine, and automate effective lifecycle marketing campaigns that target the right customers at the right time.


Spot on

The most advanced predictive CLV modeling. Up to 9 times more accurate than alternative methods.



Designed from the ground up to translate insight into action with measurable results.


Easy integration

Easily integrates with major e-commerce platforms, databases, and email service providers.


Smarter every day

Continuously improving models that learn across customers and industries.


Customer centered

Insights based on individual-level behavioral patterns.