Big News: Custora's Next Chapter


I am excited to share that today we announced the acquisition of Custora by Amperity

There are so many things I’m excited to share — but the first is to say, “thank you.” We’ve spent the past decade learning from all of you and doing our best to help you better understand your customers and improve the relationships you have with your customers. And, speaking as a brand obsessed with customer lifetime value and customer centricity, we know that we owe every bit of our progress to date to all of you who have chosen to partner with us in a landscape filled with hundreds of vendors.

The second thing I want to touch on is how unbelievably excited I am that we get to continue our journey as part of Amperity (more on this below — this is the type of acquisition where we’re not going anywhere, things are going to only get better!). For those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to meet the Amperity team, they are the leading Customer Data Platform for direct to consumer brands. We’ve had the good fortune to partner with Amperity across a number of shared customers, and in our eight years of working with customer data, they are the first and only platform we’ve come across that truly solves the elusive “Customer 360” challenge. We can’t wait to share more with you about what they’ve built. We know how hard it is to manage customer data across a sea of disparate systems — the challenges you face grappling with the scale of customer data you possess while also trying to resolve identity so you have an accurate, holistic picture of each individual customer. These are challenges that nearly every brand faces, and there are a bunch of companies that claim to help - but Amperity actually “walks the walk.” They’re now trusted by brands including Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, GAP, Nordstrom, Lucky Brand, Brooks Running, Planet Fitness, Kendra Scott, and a whole lot more.

Third, as mentioned above, we’re excited to keep building. Everything you know and love about Custora is not only going to stick around, it’s going to get better. We are committed to continuing to supply all of the capabilities in Custora you love and rely on to drive your business. Next, our intention is to merge and evolve our technologies. As our joint customers have already seen, when you layer Custora on top of a stronger Customer 360 foundation, we’re able to surface sharper customer insights and more effectively help you activate insights to grow customer lifetime value. Guided by your feedback, we will work to integrate our products and teams to provide  an unparalleled combination of tools, services, and strategy. The resulting offering will be the leading and most holistic Customer Data Platform on the market, supplying next-generation data management, advanced analytics, and omnichannel activation.

So to summarize, I'm excited.

You can read the full story, but we can’t wait to continue to find new ways to help you better know your customers, decide where and how to grow your business, and serve individuals during every interaction with your brand. We are deeply appreciative of your support and partnership, as is the entire Amperity team, and we’re thrilled to collaborate as we embark on the next phase of our journey together! 

Corey Pierson


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