US E-Commerce: 2014 Starts with a Bang

The Custora Pulse

E-Commerce is doing just fine, thank you very much. While overall US Retail sales (offline + online) declined 0.4% in January 2014 compared to last year, according to the US Department of Commerce, e-commerce sales grew a healthy 8%. This is based on The Custora Pulse's latest US E-Commerce data, tracking e-commerce transactions from over 100 US retailers and 70 million shoppers.


All key e-commerce indicators exhibited substantial growth in January '14 compared to January '13: Traffic to e-commerce stores was up 6%, and the average conversion rate grew to 2.2% (vs 2.1% in 2013). These factors combined resulted in a strong 7% growth in online orders.


Encouragingly, Average Order Value, or AOV, was up as well in January: It grew 1.3% over January 2013. This indicates that the e-commerce environment remained stable and did not become more promotional and discount-driven compared to last year.


While mobile shopping continues its unabated growth, driving a third of online transactions in January, Android devices took us by surprise, accounting for 20% of mobile orders (up from only 14% in January last year).


The share of US online sales out of all retail sales has grown from less than 1% in 2000 to 5.9% in Q3 2013, according to the US Department of Commerce. If physical retail continues to decline, while online retail continues growing at close to double-digit rates, it will be interesting to see how much market share online stores "steal" from brick and mortar in 2014.


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