Using Big Data to Craft the Well-timed Email

Check out our article in Multichannel Merchant on how to craft the perfectly timed email.

We analyzed the sales data for an online clothing retailer, roughly 1.5 million purchases over a seven year period. In doing so we were able to craft a pattern of the temporal patterns of purchases, which can be used in timing your emails:

The average customer is more likely to make purchases after they have settled in at work, answered their emails, and had a productive morning. This level of activity remains constant throughout the workday, before dropping off during dinner, between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Activity picks up again and reaches an absolute peak in the hours after dinner and before going to bed. Based on this information, you should send marketing content around mid-morning or sometime in the evening in order to reach the maximum number of likely purchasers.

Check back in on our blog tomorrow, to see a deeper dive into this data.

You can checkout the full article on multichannel merchant. Or you can learn the sales patterns for your business by checking out Custora's Customer Segmentation platform.

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