Meet the Marketer: Kelsey Foy of Eloquii

In this ongoing series, we chatted with some of our customers to learn more about the ways they are using customer data to drive growth. 

Kelsey Foy is the Director of Retention Marketing at ELOQUII, the online plus-size clothing store featuring trend-leading, fast-fashion apparel and accessories in sizes 14-28 under its own brand.

We’re interested to hear what path led to your becoming a marketer?

I always wanted to work in some form of marketing or advertising, but my very first job in ecommerce really solidified my decision. During my first year at Quidsi (former job), I was fortunate enough to explore a variety of roles as part of a rotational program. While all departments offered great opportunities, I loved my time working on marketing projects the most — being able to combine creativity, customer insight & expectations, and analytics — it was perfect! This drove me to pursue marketing as a career.

What do you think have been the biggest changes in your vertical since you started at Eloquii?

Customer expectations and experience. This applies to all ecommerce brands, not just our vertical. Ease and speed of shopping (and delivery) have become a customer expectation, not a nice-to-have. There's also a high demand for a unique, meaningful brand experience. The bar is set much higher than it used to be and I'm thankful our customers are constantly pushing us to innovate and continuously be in the mindset of customer-first.

What has been the most difficult part of your job since becoming the Director of Retention Marketing at Eloquii?

Managing priorities and not getting too caught up in the small stuff! As you grow professionally, especially within a startup culture, it's easy to want to stay close to the small stuff as your company continues to scale. Getting comfortable letting go and having your team run various projects is a must. This allows time to think creatively and focus on the big picture. I'm fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing team that makes this possible!

Can you explain the differences between your day-to-day focusing on Retention and your previous role as Marketing Manager at Eloquii?

As the marketing manager, I was hyper-focused on my channels, reporting, and optimizing. While I'm still focused on these things, I have a mighty team (of one!) who steps up to any challenges I throw her way. This allows me to focus on things like our app & rewards program, various cohorts of customers that are rockstars and those that could use a bit more attention, the overall existing customer experience, and oh so much more.

What does the most exciting or satisfying kind of success look when your goal is Retention? Is it increasing CLV or reducing churn or generating organic acquisition through UGC or something different entirely? 

Healthy LTV and repeat rates are a big focus for retention. When these metrics are strong at the end of a given month, we know all of our hard work has paid off. However, some of the most exciting successes come from making a 1:1 connection with our customers. The opportunity to connect 1:1 allows us to gather feedback from our customers, and in some cases, win them back by listening and doing everything we can to optimize their experience with us. This feeling can't be topped!

Taken as broadly as possible, what are three of your favorite things and three big dislikes?

I'm currently pregnant, so these are going to be food-related (you said as broadly as possible!):

Going farther off-topic, what are you listening to, watching, and reading these days? (With your permission, we’d like to include your answers in our newsletter section “Custora Off Topic.”)

Listening: I love podcasts and am constantly looking for a new one to listen to on my long commute! Recently I wrapped up The Dream - a peek into the world of multi-level marketing companies.

Watching: The final season of The Good Place just kicked off and I'm impatiently waiting for new episodes each week!

Reading: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Although I must admit due to my podcast obsession, I'm not nearly as far along in this book as I wish I were!

As the world of marketing becomes more and more automated, templatized, machine-based, predictive, dynamic and data-driven, how do you see the role of the marketer evolving? What advice would you give young people looking to become the next generation of marketers?

I think it's actually an exciting time to be a marketer! Automatization allows more time for marketers to be continuously digging for the next big thing/channel. That said, marketers have the challenge of balancing the automatization with real brand experiences, reminding your customers there are people behind the brand, not just robots! Advice for next-gen marketers — don't lose sight of the customer! Customer-first run businesses gain loyalty and loyalty is what keeps your business afloat!

Similarly, what advice would you urge people to ignore?

Ignore any advice that goes against your values. It's important to be true to yourself, and if you feel your work conflicts with your values, remember there are plenty of other opportunities out there! 


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Meet the Marketer: Kelsey Foy of Eloquii

In this ongoing series, we chatted with some of our customers to learn more...