Holidata 2015 + Holiday Marketing Webinar with Marketo

Wrapping paper. Hot chocolate. Turkey legs. It’s almost that time of the year again.

We’re excited to kick off the 2015 Custora E-Commerce Holiday Pulse, our annual analysis of U.S. e-commerce stats and trends throughout the holidays. This year we’re starting the Holidata celebration with a look at the latest numbers heading into the holiday season, along with some advice for all the last minute shoppers marketers out there. 

Make Your Holiday Marketing Sparkle

Join Vidya Chadaga, Director of Product Marketing at Marketo, along with Corey Pierson, Co-founder and CEO of Custora, as they give you the tools and inspiration you need to spread a little holiday (marketing) cheer.

Webinar - Make Your Holiday Marketing Sparkle: Your Last Minute Checklist
Wednesday, November 18th
1pm - 2pm ET (10am - 11am PT)
Register here.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Steps to creating a successful and revenue generating holiday campaign
  • Top performing marketing channels during the holidays
  • How to use data and analytics to optimize your own holiday marketing programs
  • Key holiday shopping dates beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Let's get down to business.

In October 2015, e-commerce revenue was up 9.8% year over year while e-commerce transactions were up 8.3% over October 2014.

Phones proved to be the mobile device of choice for online shoppers, jumping from 12.4% to 19% of orders over the course of the past year. In total, orders placed on mobile devices (phones + tablets) made a combined 27.8% of e-commerce transactions last month.

When consumers weren't busy buying iOS devices they were busy making purchases on them — in fact, 77.3% of orders in October were placed on the platform. In comparison, 22.3% of orders were placed on Android devices.

Direct traffic jumped to the forefront of channels driving orders in October, bringing in 21.6% and beating out organic search (18.8%) as the previous leading marketing channel. Affiliate marketing dropped slightly from 15.8% to 14.1% of orders, along with social (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) which nearly halved its share, sinking from 1.5% to 0.8%.

The data above comes from the Custora E-Commerce Holiday Pulse, a free online dashboard providing key US e-commerce statistics and benchmarking data. We’ll update the Pulse over the course of the holiday season, with live data on major shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The stats are based on aggregate, anonymized data from over 500 million shoppers, $100B in e-commerce revenue, and 200+ online retailers.

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