The 5 best IRCE sessions for analytics aces, marketing maestros, and data adepts


IRCE, the world's biggest e-commerce conference, is coming up. Here at Custora we've done some prep and scanned the schedule to pick out the best sessions about customer analytics, leveraging data, and e-commerce marketing.

Also, if you are heading to Chicago for the conference, stop by Booth 1710 to say hello, or schedule a meeting with us beforehand to see how leading retailers like Guess, Ann Taylor, Backcountry, and Bonobos use Custora’s predictive analytics platform to improve their marketing programs.

Now, on to our suggestions.

The 5 best IRCE sessions covering data, analytics and e-commerce marketing

1) Single View of the Customer: Advanced Analytics, Personalization, CRM

The speaker: John Kinsella - VP, Experience Architecture & Center of Expertise - Lowe's Companies, Inc., Kimberley Grayson - Chief Revenue Officer - Abe's Market, Sonesh Shah - Director, E-Commerce - Bosch Power Tools

Why we’re excited about it:  In this pre-show session, senior retail executives share their advice on leveraging customer-centric insights to create personalized, memorable, and consistent customer experiences. Customer-centric marketing keeps gaining traction (check out our course on it here), and we're interested to hear more best practices, KPIs, and organizational advice in the field.

2) Keynote Address: Retail Revolution: How Digital is Transforming Target and Fueling the Future of Shopping

The speaker: Jason Goldberger - President, and Mobile - Target Corp.

Why we’re excited about it: Target has put its flag in the ground, citing mobile as the "new front door" to their stores, and becoming a leader in omni-channel marketing. It will be interesting to hear Jason's take on where online and offline marketing are heading next.

3) Keynote Address: Always Innovating: How an E-Commerce Industry Leader Stays on Top

The speaker: Christopher McCann - President -

Why we’re excited about it: We are curious to hear the details of 1-800Flowers' new multi-brand online loyalty program, along with getting a glimpse of their recent marketing experiments (success and failures alike).

4) Separating the Social Time-Suckers from the Money Makers

The speaker: Jason Falls - Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy - Elasticity

Why we’re excited about it: While social media still accounts for only about 1% of online orders, it plays a crucial part in building strong customer relationships. We’re looking forward to hearing Jason’s ROI-driven ideas on evaluating the success of social platforms.

5) Featured Address: The Internet of Things Means a Consumer Information Tsunami: Get Ready to Ride the Wave

The speaker: James McQuivey - Vice President and Principal Analyst - Forrester Research

Why we’re excited about it: As the Apple Watch takes over the wrists in our office one by one, we’ve been thinking about the impact of  “smart products.”  James guides CMOs on a daily basis, so we’re ready to hear his take on using smart products to understand customer needs, preferences, and readiness to purchase, and how that might reshape online marketing.

About Custora and How We Can Help

Custora is a predictive marketing platform built for e-commerce teams. We help retailers acquire valuable customers and improve customer retention. Our software analyzes data across various channels and marketing tools to predict how customers will behave in the future — the things they’re likely to buy, how much they’ll spend, even how likely they are to return. Custora then integrates with existing marketing tools like email and social media so retailers can easily leverage these customer-specific insights to communicate in more effective and meaningful ways.
We work with a variety of online and omnichannel retailers including Ann Taylor, Guess, Bonobos, and Backcountry. If you are heading to IRCE and found this interesting, let us know using the form below and we can schedule some time to meet.

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