The fastest-growing fashion retailers: Diving into the report [Webinar Invitation]

We're excited to host a webinar together with Tim Grace, VP eCommerce at The Tie Bar. Tim will share advice, insights, and stories from the front lines about building and growing a successful e-commerce brand.

In a live conversation with yours truly, Tim will discuss real-life e-commerce case studies, and retailer benchmarks from Custora's latest report: The Custora E-Commerce Pulse High-Growth Fashion Index.


Webinar — The Fastest-Growing Fashion Retailers

Session 1: Tuesday, June 30, 4-5pm EST (sign up)
Session 2: Wednesday, July 1, 1-2pm EST (sign up)

Sign up to hear:

  • How you stack up against the fastest-growing online fashion retailers (including Bonobos, Crocs, and Trunk Club) on key benchmarks like Repeat Rate, Win-back Rate, and Average Order Value (learn more)
  • Which marketing channels are driving online transactions for the top fashion retailers (learn more)
  • How small, lean marketing teams can use data and predictive analytics as a competitive advantage (learn more)
  • Winning customer acquisition and retention strategies from top online fashion brands (learn more)

You'll also get a chance to participate in a Q&A with Tim, and win a fun tie or a pocket square (or both!) courtesy of The Tie Bar.


Sign up to the webinar here.

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