Mobile purchases spiked on Black Friday last year with a 30% increase in mobile purchases over the monthly average. Other key days during the holiday season also showed big jumps in the percentage of customers using mobile devices to make purchases online, with almost 50% more on Thanksgiving compared to the average during the month of November, and Christmas showing a substantial increase as well.


On average during November, 11% of all orders were made on mobile devices, whereas on Thanksgiving and Black Friday the percentage of mobile orders spiked to 16% and 14%, respectively.

Being able to cater to shoppers’ device preferences is a must for holiday 2013. Whether it’s through one or more mobile apps, or a mobile-optimized site, every retailer should make sure shoppers are able to discover, browse and purchase no matter what device they use.

This is a finding from our recent Holiday Edition, E-Commerce Snapshot. The report is based on data spanning 30 million unique customers and $2 billion in revenue across 14 e-commerce verticals.

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Custora’s Take and How We Can Help

Custora is a customer-centric marketing platform that helps e-commerce retail marketing teams acquire, retain, and segment their customers. Retailers are using Custora this holiday season to improve their customer acquisition and retention efforts by finding out which marketing channels bring in valuable customers, making changes to acquisition budget and programs, optimizing promotion performance and segmenting their customer base to provide a personalized holiday shopping experience across all channels.

Custora works with leading e-commerce innovators and established retailers such as LivingSocial, Etsy, Fab, and Bonobos. If you’re interested in learning more about Custora, you can request a demo here.

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