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Announcing our funding and next steps


We’re excited to announce our first round of funding (as reported on TechCrunch)!  We couldn’t be happier with a group of investors.  The funding will enable us to develop more quickly, to grow more quickly, and to achieve our goal more quickly – helping businesses provide a one-to-one tailored marketing experience for each one of their customers.

Customers are different.  Everyone knows that.  You and your best friend might match across a variety of demographic attributes – but you’re not the same people, and you don’t always want the same things.  We want businesses to know who their customers are, what they want, when they want it, and how they want it.  To reveal this type of information, we run some of the latest techniques in the field to find the customer personalities in your data.

When marketing actions are powered by deep individual-level insights, the game of marketing changes.  It’s no longer about the quick-win or optimizing the conversion rate of the email you send to your entire customer population.  It’s about treating different customers in different ways at different points in time.  It’s a game of lifecycle marketing and maximizing Customer Lifetime Value, a metric near and dear to our hearts.

We’re excited for 2012 and beyond – if you’re interested in learning more about our retention and lifecycle marketing, please let us know!





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