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Etsy uses Custora for cutting-edge customer analytics

Etsy has huge amounts of data stored in various databases. They track behavior across their website, but finding actionable customer insights within the mass of data is challenging.

Custora helps Etsy reveal the customer stories buried within the data. Etsy provides Custora with simple database extracts, and the Custora product provides the latest forms of historical and predictive customer analytics:

  • Lifecycle status detection - individual-level analysis of who is active, who is cooling down, and who is gone for good.
  • Predictive Customer Lifetime Value calculations across custom dimensions.
  • CLV driver analysis to discover which covariates have a significant impact on CLV.
  • Retention Opportunity analysis - quantifying the potential impact of different types of retention improvements.
  • Cohort analysis to compare the shopping behavior of different groups of users.

Out of the box, Custora provides us with valuable insights - both at a high level and all the way down to the individual customer level.
They bring the absolute latest techniques around to help us understand the behavior of our customers.”


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