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Of customers, that is. Whether you’re a large enterprise with a team of data scientists or an upstart e-commerce shop just getting off the ground, we’ve got your back. Big time.

"With Custora, we have increased our knowledge of who our customers are, what they need and want from us, what touchpoints with our brand inspire them, and most importantly, which customers are the most valuable customers."

Carlos Alberini

"If I told you how much better our Facebook and display advertising campaigns performed once we began to incorporate Custora's predictive customer lifetime value into our audience targeting, you simply would not believe me."

Ben Hemphill
Global SVP of Marketing

"Rules-based segmentation helps us deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Custora's predictive segmentation helpers us deliver the right message to the right person at the right-er time. Our predictive churn program with Custora outperforms a traditional rules-based approach by 27%."

Kelly Goldston
VP of Marketing

"Custora’s segmentation capabilities have helped us transform our paid media campaigns and test new approaches for re-engaging audiences. Venus now has a better understanding of who we’re reaching with our advertising dollars, and we’re able to steer investments at varying returns for different customer groups – maximizing our efficiency and helping us achieve and often exceed our channel goals."

Carole Wood
Product Owner, VENUS

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