With the just-announced Amazon Fire Phone, a rumored larger-screen iPhone coming soon, and Google investing $500 million to take its Shopping Express service nationwide, this summer is already full of interesting developments for e-commerce and mobile shopping.

Custora’s upcoming research report, coming out Wednesday July 9th, is a deep dive into the latest trends and stats in mobile e-commerce. The 12-page report is based on The Custora E-Commerce Pulse data from over 100 online retailers, 70 million consumers and $10 billion in transaction revenue

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the report’s most surprising findings; Sign up below to be notified when the report is out.


Mobile is Booming

Mobile e-commerce is now a $40 billion market, up from $2 billion in 2010. (tweet this stat) More than a third of visits to online stores now come from mobile devices, up from just 3% in 2010. (tweet this stat)

Email? Yes, Social? No

Email marketing does surprisingly well driving purchases on phones and tablets; social media — not so much. Less than 1% of purchases made on phones and tables originated from social media platforms. (tweet this stat)

Apple leads, but…

iPad reigns with 80% of tablet orders, but Samsung and a little startup called “Amazon” are nibbling away at the Apple with 12% and 4% and of orders respectively as of March 2014. (tweet this stat)

Cross-device shopping is coming

Cross-device shopping isn’t quite here yet. As of Q1 2014, only 12% of online shoppers use more than one device to make purchases — but that’s substantial growth from only 4% in 2012. (tweet this stat)

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