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Q1 2014 Pulse US E-Commerce Update: Online retail goes up & Android eats into Apple


We recently published the Custora E-commerce Pulse Report, which found continued e-commerce growth through Q1 2014 (orders are up 13% year over year, and revenue is up 11%). These are solid numbers to start off the year, and we’ll continue to track them at The Custora E-commerce Pulse.

E-commerce on the rise

Another interesting takeaway is the increase of online revenue as a share of total retail revenue since 2000. As you can see below, e-commerce’s share has grown substantially from 2000 through the end of last year.


All said, e-commerce grew by 17% in 2013, as opposed to total retail, which increased only 4.2%.

Android bites Apple

It’s also worth noting the growth of e-commerce on Android devices versus Apple. Notice in the chart below that orders placed on Android devices have seen an uptick through the first quarter of 2014 versus 2013.


Keep your eyes open for our upcoming Mobile Report that will further explore these sorts of device vs device numbers, along with looking at the rise of mobile over time, and the ways that different platforms impact e-commerce.

We will continue to track e-commerce growth, month-to-month at The Custora E-commerce Pulse where you can also sign up to receive regular email updates.

And If you’d like to download the entire report, just enter your email address below. You will find more insights about channel growth, online vs. offline commerce, and mobile e-commerce increases.

And yep, the whole report is toilet paper themed so you have that to look forward to as well.

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