Customer-Centric Marketing — Chapter 11

Grow: Drive More Repeat Purchases

Retention marketers are tasked with the critical mission of growing healthy, long-term relationships with customers. This includes improving brand engagement, increasing conversions, and driving repeat purchases.

The Grow stage in the customer-centric marketing framework focuses on engaging with customers to deepen their brand relationship: Convert one-time shoppers to repeat buyers, and encourage repeat customers to keep coming back.

So far, none of this is news: Retention marketers have always focused on getting customers to come back. However, the customer-centric marketing lens offers unique and powerful tools to aid the retention marketers in their mission.

The combination of lifecycle marketing and customer insights gleaned in the Know stage provide marketers with the ability to segment and differentiate: Employ different strategies, tactics, offers, and messaging to different customer segments, at different points in the lifecycle. The key idea is “The right message to the right customer at the right time”.

A simple example: Instead of blasting the same “Sale” message to all of your customers, you can send customized messages promoting “Sale on Men Shoes”, “Sale on Women Shoes”, and “Sale on Kids Shoes” to customers who previously bought relevant products or have otherwise expressed interest in relevant product segments.

Email marketing is the online marketing channel that lends itself best to customer segmentation and lifecycle marketing. Our Segmentation and Lifecycle Marketing courses are an excellent starting point (if we may say so ourselves) to implementing a customer-centric guided retention marketing.