Lifecycle Marketing — Chapter 8

Late Lifecycle Marketing

Late Lifecycle:
Attrition and Re-Activation

Objective: Win back lapsed customers. For customers who look like they are beginning to “fade away,” step in with targeted winback campaigns.


Be Honest

If a formerly-stellar customer shows up on your radar as lapsed, there’s a good chance something might have happened to sour the brand relationship. Perhaps he or she had a bad customer service experience, a product arrived damaged, or a competitor stepped in to shake things up. Whatever the case, acknowledging the chilled relationship upfront can often be an effective way of melting the ice, as well as addressing the underlying reason for the negative experience. Subject lines like (“We miss you! Come back and save”) or (“It’s been a while since we’ve seen you around…”) can lead lapsed customers to pause and re-evaluate rather than instinctively moving your email to the trash.


Invest in Your Best Customers

Understandably, retailers often worry about training customers to expect and wait for discounts. But if there’s one place where the investment in keeping a customer coming back is justified, it’s when a great customer goes silent. These all-star customers can often be worth 15-20x the “average” customer. So think about trying extra-special incentives - including discounts larger than you would normally extend to other customers - for the very best of the best. It’s a small investment in winning back a great relationship. It might be worth giving your "platinum" customers a phone call to discuss why they've gone away. You'll get direct feedback and they'll probably appreciate the honest effort to win back their business.


Give Them a Reason to Come Back,
and a Compelling Call to Action

Customers who have lapsed might need a shot in the arm to bring them back to your site. A bold call to action, high-impact creative, and limited-time offers can help get your lapsed customers re-engaged with your site. If you have something new and exciting to promote, like a new product category, a Facebook sweepstakes, an online chat with your brand ambassador or even just a seasonal sale, make sure you highlight these as hooks to win back your lapsed customer.

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