Lifecycle Marketing — Chapter 7

Mid-Lifecycle Marketing

Retention and Loyalty

Objective: Drive repeat purchases and higher customer engagement (e.g. site visitation, social media participation). Focus on getting mid-lifecycle customers (customers who have made one to several purchases) to deepen their brand relationship. Convert one-time shoppers to repeat buyers, and encourage repeat customers to keep coming back.



Once a customer has made at least once purchase, you have a much better sense of who she is - and what she’s likely to want next. Leverage this insight to make personalized recommendations, or highlight categories or brands in your creative that will appeal to customers. There are multiple email types that can be leveraged for personalized cross-selling: Item replenishment, product recommendations, and new product announcements.


Acknowledge Loyalty
for Repeat Customers

Consider “thank you” emails, even without incentives, when customers hit key milestones - like their 3rd, 5th, 10th, or 20th purchase. It’s a great way of keeping customers engaged and remaining top of mind. “happy Birthday” or “store anniversary” emails are other ways to communicate with a loyal customer and acknowledge their loyalty.


Test Offers for One-Time Buyers

Similar to the strategy for members, consider extending offers at key touchpoints for one-purchase customers (14 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days). You might even consider an escalating discount strategy, with a larger incentive at each subsequent conversion opportunity. You should always combine a promotional strategy with a testing and measurement framework to assess the cost and incremental revenue and profit impact. This way you can guarantee the offers have a positive impact to your bottom line.

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