Lifecycle Marketing — Chapter 5

Pulling the Lifecycle Trigger

Considerations for Designing a
Lifecycle Marketing Program

In the Basic lesson, we discussed the customer “lifecycle” - what it means and why it makes sense to think about customers in various stages of their relationship with your brand.

Probably the most important reason for lifecycle segmentation is that different strategies, tactics, offers, and messaging are most effective at different points in the lifecycle. To use the relationship analogy - you would probably speak differently with a new acquaintance than you would to an old friend.

We’ll explore the types of marketing actions that tend to work best at every stage in the lifecycle - but as you think about putting together a lifecycle marketing strategy, we’d encourage you to dig DEEP - Differentiated, Experimental, Exhaustive and Personalized:



Lifecycle emails should stand out from other email programs you have in place. They’re about nurturing individual customers’ relationship with your company - not promoting the newest product releases (unless these releases make sense in the context of a particular customer journey). Differing tone, creative, and messaging are all meaningful ways of differentiating as well.



The basis of a successful lifecycle marketing campaign is experimentation. What is the right time to reach out to your first-purchase customers to get them to repeat? What type of offer is going to be most effective in your winback campaigns? The marketing team can argue about this theoretically, but ultimately the only way to find out the answers is through robust testing.



Lifecycle campaigns are most effective when marketing teams identify and test all of the levers at their disposal to deepen customers’ relationships with the brand. Are you willing to try % and dollar-denominated discounts? Do you have personal shoppers available to talk with your most valuable customers? Do you ever feature brand superstars on your Twitter feed or other social media?



While a one-size-fits-all email might work for a batch-and-blast campaign, lifecycle marketing gives you the opportunity to tailor your communication to everything you know about your customers. Maybe customers who started out buying shoes also like hats and belts; or maybe your customers from Wyoming prefer free shipping to 10% off discounts. Flex everything you know about your customers to create content that’s more personal and meaningful - and likely to build that relationship.

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