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Go from insight to action, fast.

There's no doubt that predictive analytics is a huge opportunity for retailers. But getting there is really difficult - data unification, machine learning, and integrations are just a few of the many new capabilities an organization needs to build. 


To solve this, we built a new type of platform that brings all of the functionality your business needs onto one system, purpose built for retail. The result? Increased marketing ROI, faster execution, and better decisions across your business.



Consolidate, structure, and transform your customer data

  • Integrate: Connect to your customer data sources using an extensive library of APIs or send data from pre-aggregated systems (e.g. CDP, CRM).
  • Structure: Organize and structure customer data into a single consolidated view, saving time and resources on extensive data mapping projects.

  • Transform: Wrangle and prep data with extensive descriptive statistics and data validation ensuring data is ready for analysis.

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Build a comprehensive predictive customer profile.

  • Predictive models: Automatically build a full suite of retail-specific models including customer lifetime value, personas, product affinities, and discount sensitivity.

  • Event modeling: Forecast the likelihood of any high-value customer action like app downloads, loyalty programs, or store credit card sign-ups

  • Test and validation: Customize and validate models based on your unique customer datasets.

Explore your customer base with curated analytics.

  • Natural Language Queries: Create complex segmentations without the need for SQL or advanced data science skills.

  • Curated Analytics: Create and dive into the details of any segment: product preferences, acquisition patterns, CLV, churn propensity, and more.

  • Segment Comparisons: Quickly see the difference between selected segments and the rest of the customer base.
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Go from insight to action in minutes.

  • Campaign Design: Quickly build segments, generate statistically valid target and control groups, and balance criteria with the needs of other areas of your org.

  • Channel Integrations: Send data into the relevant marketing channels without the need for IT or passing lists via email.

  • Results Measurement: Measure the true economic impact of your efforts based on target vs. control group performance.

Stay on top of customer KPIs and find opportunities.

  • Dashboards & KPIs: Keep tabs on KPIs, data visualizations, and key acquisition and retention metrics (e.g. CLV by channel, early purchase rates, etc.)

  • Opportunity Sizing: Automatically see sized opportunities based on benchmarks derived from similar companies.

  • Segment Reporting:  Define key customer segments and track progress toward revenue and key drivers.
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