Create better customer experiences, execute faster, and make more insightful decisions.

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Automated customer analytics

Here’s how Custora helps you drive revenue and lifetime value (LTV) through rich, machine learning-based customer insights.

Deliver better customer experiences

Build a better understanding of your customers and use it to personalize offers across every channel: email, SMS clienteling, web, and service. Design your offers using rich behavioral personas, keeping everything in sync across customer touchpoints.

Execute faster, do more with less

Go from insight to action, faster. Automate machine learning that would take a team of data scientists months, if not years, to execute, share out-of-the-box insights curated for each individual department, and design complex campaigns in minutes.

Make more insightful decisions

Build a better understanding of your customers and turn insights into impact. Our comprehensive predictive modeling portfolio brings rich insights to your entire organization, keeps everyone on the same page with a centralized insights hub, and helps you predict future behaviors instead of looking to the past.


Predictive analytics, every team, every touchpoint.

Customer analytics software that helps organizations automate the creation of rich, machine learning-based customer insights, share insights across teams, and use insights at every customer touchpoint.



Build a comprehensive view of your customer.

Automatically generate rich predictive insights across an array of actionable metrics including (but not limited to):

  • Customer Lifetime Value: Forecast predicted customer lifetime value using leading-edge academic research.

  • Behavioral Segments: Create persona clusters through work that would take a team of data scientists weeks, if not months, to execute.

  • Price and Discount Sensitivity:  Identify the discounts and price points that will entice each customer to shop.

Dive in and share data across your organization.

Package insights for each individual team, share data, and help your company make better decisions.

  • Dashboards & KPIs: Keep tabs on KPIs, data visualizations, and key acquisition and retention metrics (e.g. CLV by channel, early purchase rates, etc.)

  • Packaged Analytics: Create and dive into the details of any segment under the sun: product preferences, acquisition patterns, CLV, churn propensity, and more.

  • Root Cause Diagnostics: Understand the underlying drivers of revenue growth and measure the impact of big initiatives like expanding into a geographic area or engaging millennial shoppers.
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Go from insight to action in minutes.

Select specific segments and quickly design experiments, push data across all channels, and measure the impact.

  • Segmentation Studio: Quickly build segments, generate statistically valid target and control groups, and balance with the needs of other areas of your org.

  • Channel Integrations: Send data into the relevant channels and measure the true economic impact of your efforts without IT or passing lists via email.

  • Results Measurement: Measure the true economic impact of your efforts based on control group performance.

“We can go down to category level, for example skincare purchasers. We can look at transactions [or]which promos brought them to our site. The platform helps our team prioritize promotions and understand our customers better.”

Cathy Beaupain
President, Dermstore

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