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Custora sits right on top of your marketing database and connects with all of your marketing tools.

Customer Data Cloud

Under the hood, Custora collects customer data from disparate systems to create a unified customer profile, then enriches each profile with a variety of predictive data points.

Our Customer Data Cloud ensures all of your customer information is clean, consolidated, and ready for segmentation.

  • 1. Collect

    Custora collects data regarding offline orders, online orders, website engagement, email engagement, CRM systems, and more.

  • 2. Organize

    Custora organized the disparate data around each unique customer to create a single source for customer insights.

  • 3. Enrich

    Custora enhances each customer profile with a suite of predictive models to surface product preference, price point preference, discount preference, lifecycle stage, and more.

The Platform

And above the hood, or rather, more like jumper cables connected to all of that enriched data, Custora has four products that enable organizations to access and leverage customer insights across every decision and every marketing touch point.

Access Customer Data

  • Spotlight

    Discover customer segments and behavioral insights that represent the best opportunities to grow your business. More

  • Segment Explorer

    Empower your team with self-serve access to answer gnarly customer-focused questions on demand. More

Leverage Customer Data

  • Segmentation Studio

    Self-serve access to build and deploy powerful segments across all your marketing and advertising channels. More

  • Singleview Suite

    Stream consistent, unified customer profiles into all of your personalization and campaign management tools. More

Things you can do with Custora