Answers for your biggest customer questions, ASAP.

Empower your team with self-serve access to answer gnarly customer-focused questions on demand.



Customer-obsessed companies have more questions than ever. Now marketing teams have instant self-serve access to insights to power decision-making across the business.



  • 1. Faster access to essential insights

    Empower the entire team with point-and-click access to critical insights about key customer segments.

  • 2. Allocate acquisition spend to channels that attract high-value customers

    With immediate access to big questions, like, “What’s the predicted one year lifetime value for the customers we acquired from Facebook last week?” teams can invest more into the channels and campaigns that are attracting great customers, and pull back faster on weak acquistion sources.

  • 3. See the big picture

    Monitor the health of critical segments like high value shoppers and key demographics with trend reports and cohort analysis.

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