Discover the best opportunities for growth hidden in your customer data.

Maybe you have goals beyond return-on-ad-spend? Spotlight shows you where to focus, sets goals, and helps you build campaigns to achieve them.

We'll show you where to focus

With so many ways to analyze customer data, it's tough to turn big marketing goals into reality.

It takes deep retail knowledge and really, really sophisticated math to automatically identify and surface opportunities within a customer base.

Spotlight scans your customer landscape and provides the blueprint to achieving the goals with the biggest impact.


  • 1. Identify and prioritize opportunities

    By combining the machine-learning smarts of Spotlight with the non-artificial intelligence of Custora’s consultative Customer Engagement team, we’ll illuminate the segments that can help you move the needle on big, hairy marketing goals. Goals like reducing reliance on promotions or acquiring more high-value customers. Then we quantify the financial impact of each opportunity. A 1% improvement in overall customer lifetime value might make more sense than a 3% reduction in promotions.

  • 2. Make it happen

    Once opportunities have been scouted and identified, Spotlight unlocks critical insights about each segment — including purchase cadence, product preferences, demographics and channel preferences — to help teams craft the perfect communication strategy. Seamless connection to Custora’s activation tools, Segmentation Studio and Switchboard, make it easy to deliver the right message at scale.

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