Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two peak revenue days for many retailers during the holiday season, amounting to 8.58% of all holiday shopping revenue. However, it turns out that the four days of December 1-4 bring in 9% of total holiday revenue, and December 10-13 account for 8.49%. In other words, each of these 4-day periods in early and mid-December are worth just as much in revenue as Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.


Early and mid-December are pockets of opportunity within the holiday period: Just as lucrative as Cyber Monday and Black Friday combined, but with much less competition for consumers’ attention and share of wallet. Marketing campaigns during this time are likely to get a higher bang for their buck, so prudent marketers should save some of their holiday budget for post-Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

This is a finding from our recent Holiday Edition, E-Commerce Snapshot. The report is based on data spanning 30 million unique customers and $2 billion in revenue across 14 e-commerce verticals.

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Custora’s Take and How We Can Help

Custora is a customer-centric marketing platform that helps e-commerce retail marketing teams acquire, retain, and segment their customers. Retailers are using Custora this holiday season to improve their customer acquisition and retention efforts by finding out which marketing channels bring in valuable customers, making changes to acquisition budget and programs, optimizing promotion performance and segmenting their customer base to provide a personalized holiday shopping experience across all channels.

Custora works with leading e-commerce innovators and established retailers such as LivingSocial, Etsy, Fab, and Bonobos. If you’re interested in learning more about Custora, you can request a demo here.