New Custora Research Report: E-Commerce Snapshot Holiday Edition


discover the holiday's hidden gems and the value of holiday shoppers

To kick off the start of the Season of Giving (and shopping) we’re releasing our second e-commerce report — this time focused entirely around the two biggest shopping months of the year.

It’s the E-Commerce Snapshot Holiday Edition and it’s chock full of tasty insights around customer acquisition and retention. It is based on data spanning over 30 million unique customers and $2 billion in revenue across 14 e-commerce verticals.

If you’ve missed our first e-commerce Snapshot Report, have a look here or read what Wired and Forbes had to say about it. The report attracted a wide audience and sparked some great conversations within the e-commerce marketing community. We appreciate everyone’s interest, questions, and commentary and are looking forward to more lively debates this time around.

Here are five key findings from the E-Commerce Holiday Snapshot report:


1. New holiday shoppers are less valuable: The Customer Lifetime Value of customers acquired during the holiday season is 15% lower than average. (tweet this stat)


2. Some channels are naughtier than others: The value of customers acquired through Paid Search (SEM) and Display Advertising drops by about 13% during the holidays. (tweet this stat)




3. Hidden Gems: Two “hidden gems” in December bring in as much revenue as Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. (tweet this stat)


4. Cyber Monday is growing: % of revenue earned during Cyber Monday grew by 74% over the past 4 years. (tweet this stat)


5. Black Friday is Mobile Friday: With a 48% increase in mobile purchases compared to average. (tweet this stat)




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