discover the holiday's hidden gems and the value of holiday shoppers

To kick off the start of the Season of Giving (and shopping) we’re releasing our second e-commerce report — this time focused entirely around the two biggest shopping months of the year.

It’s the E-Commerce Snapshot Holiday Edition and it’s chock full of tasty insights around customer acquisition and retention. It is based on data spanning over 30 million unique customers and $2 billion in revenue across 14 e-commerce verticals.

If you’ve missed our first e-commerce Snapshot Report, have a look here or read what Wired and Forbes had to say about it. The report attracted a wide audience and sparked some great conversations within the e-commerce marketing community. We appreciate everyone’s interest, questions, and commentary and are looking forward to more lively debates this time around.

Here are five key findings from the E-Commerce Holiday Snapshot report:


1. New holiday shoppers are less valuable: The Customer Lifetime Value of customers acquired during the holiday season is 15% lower than average. (tweet this stat)


2. Some channels are naughtier than others: The value of customers acquired through Paid Search (SEM) and Display Advertising drops by about 13% during the holidays. (tweet this stat)




3. Hidden Gems: Two “hidden gems” in December bring in as much revenue as Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. (tweet this stat)


4. Cyber Monday is growing: % of revenue earned during Cyber Monday grew by 74% over the past 4 years. (tweet this stat)


5. Black Friday is Mobile Friday: With a 48% increase in mobile purchases compared to average. (tweet this stat)




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