The Fastest-Growing Online Fashion Retailers & What Sets Them Apart [New Report]


Introducing The Custora E-Commerce Pulse High-Growth Fashion Index: A new research report analyzing 20+ fashion and lifestyle retailers that grew their online revenue and transactions the most in 2014.


We’re trying to transition into a type of marketing that produces customers who are going to be more loyal, instead of optimizing for the initial sale. — Tim Grace, VP eCommerce, The Tie Bar


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US e-commerce is growing fast, with revenue up 14.9% in 2014 according to the The Custora E-Commerce Pulse — a free online dashboard tracking online transactions from over 100 US retailers, 500 million shoppers, and over $80 billion in transaction revenue.

However, this average growth figure masks that some online retailers are growing much, much faster. For this report, we analyzed some of the fastest-growing online fashion, accessories, and lifestyle retailers based in North America. Our goal was to understand what makes these high performance retailers different from everyone else, resulting in a growth rate that is almost double the overall average.



We have to create an experience where customers want to tell us more about themselves. — John Tucker, VP of Member Experience, Trunk Club


We examined metrics and performance benchmarks to understand what makes these stellar retailers different, and supplemented them with insights, advice, and stories from the front lines shared by a few of the retailers we identified as the best performers. We are grateful to the marketing leaders at The Tie Bar, Trunk Club, Choxi, Live Out There, Bonobos, and Crocs for sharing some of their strategies and tactics.



We’re a lean team that does a lot with a little. Our ability to use data is one of the enablers to do that. — Tim Grace, VP eCommerce, The Tie Bar


Custora E-Commerce Pulse Fashion-Growth Fashion Index

Download the report to discover:

  • What high-growth fashion retailers did differently across customer acquisition and retention to drive 28% revenue growth in 2014


  • How Bonobos uses predictive customer lifetime value across 25 different customer segments to optimize customer acquisition


  • How Crocs uses customer segmentation in email marketing to send the right promotional discount to every customer


  • How small, lean marketing teams can use data and analytics as a competitive advantage



Search marketing has always been a primary acquisition driver for us. We’re not the biggest player in our market, but we’re the most aggressive one in paid search. — David Nagy, VP Marketing, Live Out There




Download the full report


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