Introducing Custora 3.0


We’re excited to announce another major leap forward for Custora with version 3.0.

Lifecycle Marketing: right message, right person, right time

Lifecycle Email Marketing Decision Tree

Custora 3.0 helps retailers move beyond “Batch and Blast” e-mails to deliver targeted, relevant messages to each customer when it matters most.  Powered by Custora’s customer analytics, retailers can now automate personalized marketing. For example:

  • If Sally buys jeans and boots a few times a year, but she has been idle for 9 months, maybe something is wrong.  Send her a discount on the hottest boots and jeans of the season.
  • If Joe just bought his fifth pair of shoes, send him an email thanking him for his support and offer him a bonus item.
  • If Vesper bought cheese on a monthly basis for two years, but hasn’t made an order in a full 12 months, she’s most likely found somewhere else to shop.  Send her a significant discount and a highlight of what’s new.

Custora seamlessly integrates with existing email providers to make this type of marketing possible for any online store.  Retailers can run experiments to discover the most effective ways to reach out to all different types of shoppers at different stages within the customer lifecycle.

Introducing Brand and Category Affinity Analysis

Category Brand Affinity Cluster Analysis

In the past, retail shops truly got a feel of what their customers wanted.  If Bob was a customer who bought power tools and electronics, and Steve was a customer who bought furniture and art, the shopkeeper would have very different conversations with each customer.

Custora now employs sophisticated cluster analysis to enable online retailers to strike up similar, relevant conversations with their customers.  The clustering models uncover different customer archetypes – based on the collection of brands and products that customers buy over their entire lifetime.

As always, these insights are immediately available and actionable in lifecycle marketing campaigns.

Easier than Ever to Get Started

Retailers can now get started with Custora completely on their own.  Via a self-serve wizard, new retailers can link up with Custora in a variety of ways:

  • MySQL, Postgres, or MS SQL databases over a secure SSH or VPN connection.
  • Common ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento.
  • Or customers can push data to Custora via our API.

Custora can also pull in your Google Analytics for Ecommerce data to provide customer lifetime value analysis by acquisition channel.

On average, new customers are live in less than a day.

On the email marketing side, Custora now integrates with 9 email providers, including: Bronto, SendGrid, MailChimp, MailGun, Campaign Monitor, VerticalResponse, ExactTarget, StreamSend, and Emarsys.

New Tour and Training Mode

We’re always working to make the insights we offer as intuitive and easy to use as possible, but new customers or team members often ask us for a quick way to get an overview of the major features.

To help with this, we’ve built a new training and tour mode that walks users through the product and describes how to get the most out of Custora.

On Deck

As always, we’ve got a number of exciting new projects under way to push the state of the art in customer analytics and marketing software.  Stay tuned for our next set of updates, and let us know what new features you’d like to see.