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The cost of irrelevant marketing is high...and getting higher.

Batch and blast marketing campaigns simply aren’t effective with today’s consumer. Preferences change quickly — 50% of this month’s hit products are on next month’s sale rack. And consumers are more sensitive to irrelevant marketing than ever. In fact, 65% of consumers feel brands already send them too many irrelevant communications. Why does this matter? Because today’s customer will leave your brand if you’re too generic.


Custora helps you keep offers relevant across every customer touchpoint.

Pull together a predictive customer view for each individual customer with a suite of tools to go from idea to action, fast.
Predict every customer’s next purchase and product affinity

Unify each customer’s purchase history into a single, consolidated file. Categorize each customer based on transaction history, predicting the next product to buy based on previous purchases.

Coordinate programs across touchpoints

Build campaigns to deliver the most relevant offers across every marketing channel. Generate valid target and control groups to make sure programs are creating true impact. Synchronize data across every marketing channel.

Track KPIs and customer metrics

Understand which programs create the most impact on customer lifetime value. Stay on top of customer-centric metrics that track the overall value of your customer base. React quickly with daily dashboards purpose-built for retailers just like you.

"Custora brings intelligence to the way we are sending our emails, to the way we are sending our catalogs, and the way we are targeting our clients. It brings an additional layer of understanding of our business,”

Catherine Lacaze
Vice President, Marketing

VIP Cultivation


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