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Acquiring new retail customers has never been so difficult or expensive.

According to Forrester, 57% of retailers view improving customer acquisition as an important use case for customer analytics. The reason is simple: advertising is expensive and consumers have more choice and less loyalty than ever. Most retailers don't fully understand their highest value customers, or how to find more of them.



Custora helps you stretch the value of every acquisition dollar.

Understand each individual customer's expected lifetime value and product affinities, design experiments, and move quickly from insight to action.
Build rich, predictive profiles for every customer

Calculate the lifetime value of every customer using best-in-class models based on academic research that’s been expanded upon by over 100 retail implementations.

Design experiments and synchronize across channels

Generate segments without complex SQL or data transformations. Rapidly design experiments with valid target and control groups. Connect with any marketing channel (e.g. email, website, etc.). 

Stay on top of key customer metrics

Track important customer metrics like lifetime value by cohort. Understand which channels drive the highest customer lifetime value. See who sticks around and who churns.

"If I told you how much better our Facebook and display advertising campaigns performed once we began to incorporate Custora's predictive customer lifetime value into our audience targeting, you simply would not believe me."

Ben Hemphill
Global SVP of Marketing

Customer Acquisition


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