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Your traditional financial forecast is only part of the picture.

Customer equity—or the total combined lifetime value of all of your customers—is one of your greatest assets as a business. It’s also a great predictor of total company value. That said, building an operational customer lifetime value-based framework across your business often requires sophisticated modeling on top of extensive structuring and transforming of customer data.



Add robust customer equity modeling and forecasting to your finance toolkit.

Custora simplifies CLV modeling by bringing sophisticated analytics out of the box. After ingesting your initial data feed, Custora builds robust lifetime value calculations across your entire customer base and makes this information easy to use for your entire organization.

Centralize your customer and transaction data

Structure and prep your customer data without the need for complex data manipulation or transformation.

Sophisticated CLV calculations, no data science required

Out-of-the-box, Custora produces product affinity clusters that would take a team of consultants weeks, if not months, to populate.

Build a culture of data-driven decisions

Empower your entire organization to make data-driven decisions without having to build models themselves or write SQL.

"We've built a whole data pipeline around Custora. We feed the data into dashboards that keep a pulse on our marketing performance, and we’ve even started to build automated bidders that use the CLV data from Custora. There's an entire ecosystem powered by Custora's CLV engine."

Andrew Mok
Chief Marketing Officer

Customer Equity


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