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Today’s retail buyers are as disloyal as they’ve ever been, and it’s getting worse.

Relying on traditional retention strategies in today’s world simply won’t work. Customers don’t buy on a single purchase cycle, so typical “batch and blast” emails almost always miss the mark. Add in the complexity of designing campaigns and managing across channels and you’re left with a complex problem.



Custora helps you better predict when to act on individual customers.

Manage the complexity of individual retention programs without the burden of manual processes and disparate data.
Calculate every customer’s unique purchase cycle

Estimate every customers’ affinity for purchase based on a suite of models designed specifically for your individual brand. Understand when their likely purchase will be so you can see if they are drifting from their natural cadence. Keep everything updated without effort from analysts or IT resources.

Tailor offers based on individual product affinity

Automatically determine each customer’s specific product affinities based on even just the first purchase. Tailor offers based on personas and purchase history, creating data-driven personas without the need for custom algorithms.

Synchronize across your channels

Develop complex segments and targeting criteria without the need for SQL. Create statistically valid control groups to measure the true impact of your efforts. Send data to each marketing channel with just a few clicks.

"Our predictive churn program with Custora outperforms a traditional rules based approach by 27%"

Kelly Goldston
VP of Marketing

Customer Retention & Churn Prevention


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