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The average data scientist spends 80% of their time NOT doing data science.

Retail customers are changing fast—more data, new channels, and changing preferences. Keeping up as a CRM professional can be exciting and challenging. The business demands significantly more advanced, complex analysis without any increase in budget. As a result, your data consumers have to wait days, if not weeks, for analysis, and your decision-making is too slow in today’s changing landscape.


Custora automates complex data wrangling so you can focus on what matters to your business.

Custora helps you stretch your analytic dollar by automating many foundational tasks that typically take up large parts of a data analyst's day.

Centralize your customer and transaction data

Structure and prep your customer data without the need for complex data manipulation or transformation projects.

Sophisticated analytics, no data science required

Out-of-the-box, Custora produces advanced machine learning-powered analytics that would take a team of consultants weeks, if not months, to populate.

Build a culture of data-driven decisions

Empower your entire organization to make data-driven decisions without having to build models themselves or write SQL.

"We have skilled analytics people on the team, but having only those people owning all the data and the insights misses a lot of opportunity. We need platforms that everyone can understand — from our merchandisers to our UI/UX team to customer service, so they can have easy access to insights."

Daniel Head
Director, Digital Marketing & CRM

Data Science Productivity


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