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Almost 80% of retail buyers never make a second purchase from your brand.

As such, the average retailer loses almost 40% of revenue every year to “one and done” buyers. Which shouldn't be surprising. Consumers have lots of choices and the nearest competitor is just a click away. To fight this trend, most brands fall back to less effective “batch and blast” campaigns or generic welcome emails that just don’t work.



Custora helps you design, orchestrate, and measure your one-time buyer program across channels.

Custora centralizes all of your customer data into a single system, bringing all of the functionality you need to run effective first-time buyer programs into one platform that’s simple, integrated, and easy to use.
Build a complete, predictive picture of every one-time buyer

Calculate every customer’s affinities to purchase products in your portfolio. Group customers into personas to make messaging and product suggestions more relevant.

Push campaigns to every possible customer channel

Quickly identify one-time buyers within your customer base without complex SQL. Personalize offers across every channel: during a welcome email series, on your website, or in stores. 

Stay on top of one-time buyer conversion across your base

At a glance, see one-time buyer rates and track cohort performance.

"From modeling lookalike audiences for paid search and paid social campaigns, to testing the impact of multi vs. individual channel impact, Custora’s empowering us to focus and expand our audience-centric approach to marketing."

Carole Wood
Product Owner

One-time Buyers


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