Inspired by e-commerce industry observations and trends from Custora’s e-commerce customers, here’s our mini-list of marketing resolutions to help make 2014 your best year yet.

1) Embrace Customer-Centric Marketing

Many aspire to it, few truly embody it. Re-structuring your marketing strategy to be built upon the foundation of long-term customer value is no small feat, but it’s (as we see it) the future of e-commerce.


2) Omnichannel, Schmomnichannel. We Got This

Some will say 2013 was the year omni-channel graduated from buzzword to an actual thing that every retail marketer has on their radar.

  • Does our 2014 plan include all of our relevant marketing channels?
  • Do we have a unified view of how customers differ across channels/devices?
  • Can we easily compare offline and online customer behavior?


3) Master Mobile

With nearly a third of all holiday purchases occurring on a mobile device, mobile e-commerce is showing no signs of slowing down.

  • Do we have a mobile app strategy across phones and tablets?
  • Is our website optimized for mobile?
  • Are we sending mobile-friendly emails?
  • Oh, and bitcoins? Maybe not.


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About Custora and How We Can Help

Custora is a customer-centric marketing platform that helps e-commerce retail marketing teams acquire, retain, and segment their customers. Retailers are using Custora this holiday season to improve their customer acquisition and retention efforts by finding out which marketing channels bring in valuable customers, making changes to acquisition budget and programs, optimizing promotion performance and segmenting their customer base to provide a personalized holiday shopping experience across all channels.

Custora works with leading e-commerce innovators and established retailers such as LivingSocial, Etsy, Fab, and Bonobos. If you’re interested in learning more about Custora, you can request a demo here.