Black Friday US E-Commerce Up 16.1% Over Black Friday 2014


Online sales in the US were up 16.1% on Black Friday 2015 compared to Black Friday 2014, driven by email marketing and mobile shopping.

The data comes from the Custora E-Commerce Pulse, a free online dashboard providing key US e-commerce statistics and benchmarking data from over 200+ online retailers, 500 million anonymized shoppers, and $100B in e-commerce revenue.


Here are the most notable trends of Black Friday 2015:


1. Black Friday e-commerce revenue is up 16.1% over Black Friday 2014. This is very strong growth in revenue, combined with order growth of 15.6% over Black Friday 2014, and AOV (Average Order Value) growth of 0.5%. Retailers did a good job growing the top line without being overly promotional compared to last year.


2. Black Friday was Mobile Friday. 
Mobile Shopping (e-commerce orders made on mobile phones and tablets) accounted for over a third of online shopping on Black Friday 2015 – 36.1%. That’s a significant jump from 30.3% in Black Friday 2014.


3. Mobile shopping = Apple.
Similar to the season’s trends so far, on Black Friday, consumers who shopped on mobile devices (phones and tablets), where likely to do so on Apple devices (iPhones and iPads). 77.6% of all orders made on mobile devices happened on Apple devices, while only 22.1% happened on Android devices. The silver lining for Android devices is the slight increase from last year – from 19.5% of orders.


4. Email Marketing was the biggest marketing channel on Black Friday, driving a quarter of all transactions.
Email Marketing drove the most online sales on Black Friday. While usually lagging behind online search (free and paid), on Black Friday email marketing was the primary channel, driving 25.1% of orders. Beyond email, 21.1% of sales originated through free search, and 16.3% through paid search. Social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) drove only 1.7% of sales.



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About The Custora E-Commerce Pulse
The Custora E-Commerce Pulse is a free online dashboard of US e-commerce stats and trends. Pulse data and analysis have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fortune, eMarketer, and WWD. Pulse data is part of the Bloomberg Professional Service (Bloomberg Terminals).
Pulse methodology: To provide estimations of the US e-commerce industry, The Custora E-Commerce Pulse uses a combination of internal and external data sources. Internally, Custora analyzed over 500 million online shoppers and over $100B in e-commerce revenue across over 200 US-based online retailers. External data points, such as the US Department of Commerce e-commerce growth figures, are also leveraged to extrapolate growth trends within the Custora data universe to arrive at predictions for US industry at large. Sign up to receive email notifications for data updates here.



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