Customer Segmentation in Retail: free online class, from basic to Bayesian


Customer segmentation has been a hot topic with our clients over the past few months: where to start, how to identify segments, and how to apply segmentation to deliver more relevant marketing experiences.

Many tools enable marketing teams to import a variety of “custom attributes” for each user that can be used for customer segmentation. For example, an email provider might enable the team to upload segmentation fields for attributes such as gender, age, spend to date, and more. However, deciding which fields to include is a difficult challenge. The goal of segmentation is to deliver more meaningful experiences to customers, yet there are an almost infinite number of segmentation approaches a firm can take.

This class will be use-case driven. We will introduce common retail marketing challenges, from driving the first repeat purchase to winning back customers who have faded away. For these situations, we’ll discuss techniques that range from simple demographic segmentation to more advanced forms of behavioral segmentation.

Thursday, 2-3pm EST

The agenda is as follows:

1. An introduction to e-commerce segmentation

What is segmentation and why it matters.

2. Segmentation strategy

What defines a “good” or “bad” segment, and common mistakes to avoid.

3. Discovering segments

Techniques and best practices to identify segments.

4. Techniques and case studies

A range of demographic and behavioral segmentation approaches, from the simple to the scientific: pros, cons, and use cases.

5. Q+A

The class will be held from 2-3p EST on Thursday, Feb 28th.




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