Custora 4.0: Your complete "Retention Marketing Lab"


Our latest suite of upgrades includes one of the most frequent requests we’ve heard over the last 6 months: One-Time Campaigns.

Now, in addition to testing and automating trigger-based lifecycle marketing campaigns, it’s just as easy to test virtually any idea— online or offline— within a unique customer segment on a one-time basis.

Throughout the design and development process we worked with Revolve Clothing to gather valuable input and feedback. They used the tool to evaluate a holiday catalogue campaign that was sent to various high-value customer segments. Now Revolve has insight into how different customer segments respond to different catalog versions and promotions, and this knowledge will help shape Revolve’s mailer strategy in upcoming seasons.

Within the new tool, you can select any customer segment — using our segment builder or by uploading a list. Zoom in on high-value customers who first ordered something in your Pants department. Pick a group of customers who live in the Northwest. Choose a group of customers who just made their 5th purchase last week.

Then, once you have your desired customer group, Custora helps you set up a marketing experiment so you can measure how each of your marketing ideas impacts the bottom line.  Custora ensures you establish the proper control groups and runs all the A/B statistical analysis on your campaign.

Beyond the One-Time Campaign tool, we’ve also made refinements to how we display Lifecycle Trigger Marketing results, and overall performance should be zippier across the board.

We’re looking forward seeing how all our customers use our new marketing lab.  It’s one more step in our quest to help brands can easily and effectively test marketing ideas that resonate with their customers and drive results that have an impact on the bottom line.

Our ears are always perked for new feature suggestions. Keep them coming.

-Team Custora.



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