Custora Announces Partnership with LiveRamp to Bring CRM Personalization to Ad Tech


By now, the mantra of “right message, right customer, right time” has become the rallying cry of customer-centric brands. But it’s difficult for marketers to achieve this vision at scale – in part because the ad tech world, with its anonymous cookie pools and third-party data, has been a world apart from the one-to-one communication of direct marketing channels like email and direct mail.

Not anymore.

Custora is excited to announce a partnership with LiveRamp, the leading customer data onboarding platform.

The partnership enables any brands working with Custora to seamlessly bring predictive first-party insights into the ad technology world. The relevance and personalization of the inbox is now available to brands in serving display impressions and media across the open web.

How it Works

Brands working with Custora will have the opportunity to “onboard” their customer data directly into LiveRamp. Via a proprietary identity graph, LiveRamp will then match these known users with the targetable cookie IDs associated with those users across a wide range of demand side platforms (DSPs) and data management platforms (DMPs). Marketing teams can then distribute those customer insights directly into their ad technology tools.

For example, a brand using AppNexus will have the ability to create display audiences based on any Custora attribute – including lifetime value, churn propensity, product affinity, discount sensitivity, and more.

The partnership doesn’t require brands to contract directly with LiveRamp – and doesn’t require any long-term commitment.

Key Use Cases

  • Boost the return on customer acquisition by leveraging lookalike prospecting based on high lifetime value (LTV) insights
  • Improve the relevance of product-specific campaigns (e.g., new arrivals or brand promotions)
  • Amplify the impact of lifecycle campaigns (e.g., churn prevention, VIP cultivation)
  • Ensure a seamless customer experience across marketing channels

Interested in Learning More?

Reach out to us to learn more about how your brand can participate in this partnership. Your consultant will be able to provide additional information on eligibility and pricing, and share with you our playbook to boost ROI by leveraging CRM data in the ad tech space.



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