E-Commerce Springs 13% in April


The Custora Pulse

Spring has sprung for US E-Commerce: Sales were up 13% over April last year.

In contrast, overall US Retail Sales (offline + online) rose only 4.2% in April compared to last year, according to the US Department of Commerce.

E-Commerce revenue was up 13% year over year, transactions were up 13% as well. Average Order Value (AOV) did not change compared to AOV in April 2013. This indicates a stable e-commerce environment that’s growing organically, and is not driven by promotions and discounts.
This is the same growth story we have observed in the first quarter of 2014, recapped in Custora’s Q1 E-Commerce Report.

These data points are from The Custora Pulse’s latest US E-Commerce data, tracking e-commerce transactions from over 100 US retailers and 70 million shoppers.


Mobile E-Commerce: The Growth Continues

Mobile e-commerce continued its strong growth in April, increasing its share of the total e-commerce pie by 35% over 2013: From 14% to 19%. This includes purchases made on both mobile phones (9% of total) and tablets (10% of total).


Email Still Rocking— Social? Not So Much

When looking into the marketing channels that drove e-commerce orders in April, Search (organic and paid) continues to dominate, with 40% of total e-commerce orders. Email marketing has grown and drove almost a fifth of e-commerce orders in April – a worthy achievement for a marketing channel that frequently gets ignored or downplayed as “a thing of the past.”
Social media marketing, on the other hand, that often gets touted as “the next big thing” in e-commerce marketing, has not lived up to its potential (yet?). It drove only 2% of e-commerce transactions in April ’14.

US E-Commerce Orders by Channel, April 2014 vs April 2013us e-commerce orders by channel



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