Five Tips for Creating Winning E-Commerce Welcome Emails



Your e-commerce store has a lot of new visitors every day. Some of those visitors make a purchase, some of them don’t, but many of them sign up for your store’s email list so that they can learn more about your store and keep in touch (at least virtually). Once they sign up, sending a “welcome email” that confirms their subscription and shares information about your store can be the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

The welcome email is a fundamental component of any e-commerce email marketing program. It is important for multiple reasons: All email subscribers receive it, it is one of the first touchpoints a new customer has with your brand and store, and done effectively, it can get a new email subscriber to make their first purchase and become an active customer.

The slideshow below includes tips and best practices on creating an effective welcome email, one that gets your relationship with your new subscriber off on the right foot. The examples in the slideshow are based on a survey of 51 different online retailers in different verticals, including fashion, electronics, beauty, lifestyle and apparel.

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Summary – Best Practices for E-Commerce Welcome Emails

1) Send it

2) Promotional offer

3) Educate about your store and explain what’s coming to their inbox

4) Social media, mobile app, and physical store callouts

5) Make a series out of it

The welcome email is a central part of a company’s email marketing suite as it gives customers a chance get to you know your company offers. We will take a look at other types of marketing emails in future posts; in the meanwhile, you can download the E-Commerce Email Marketing Program Checklist, which includes the types of marketing emails that should be part of every e-commerce email marketing program, as well as examples for each type.
Use this checklist to make sure you are realizing the full potential of your email program. If you’re just getting started, we highlighted some email marketing essentials; start with them and continue adding others as you grow and invest in your program.


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