Learn from Crocs’ email promotions strategy on our upcoming webinar


We’ll be joined by Crocs’ Kelsey Vendetti who runs their email program and will be talking us through their e-commerce team’s promotional strategy. You’ll hear a step-by-step rundown of their different promotional email programs, from the planning stage all the way through to the results data for a few recent campaigns.

Crocs’ marketing team offers promotions several times per month to their customers, yet recognizes the importance of targeting these promotions to those customers who need the extra push towards purchase, and varying these promotions to keep customers interested.


Webinar – How Crocs optimizes their promotional emails
Wednesday, Aug 5th, 1pm – 2pm ET
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Crocs divides their promotional emails into two tiers: calendar-based promotions and product oriented promotions. Calendar-based promotions are targeted at Crocs’ entire customer database and are often tied to holidays and seasons. Their product oriented promotions supplement their calendar promotions and are geared towards shoppers with an affinity for a specific product or style. This dual promotional strategy has allowed Crocs to develop more loyal customers by offering promotions to those who value them most, for the styles they value most.

The Crocs marketing team was recently tasked with overhauling their promotional strategy to rely less heavily on discounts and promotions to increase their profit margins. The team looked to segmentation as a solution to this challenge, and began testing promotions aimed at customers showing signs of churn, with the goal of uncovering price sensitive and insensitive customers within their database.

Crocs tested several messages across four different churning customer segments and discovered customer segments who were insensitive to discounts, requiring only a “we miss you” message to re-ignite their purchase cycle. These customers exhibited a lift of 2X in revenue per user compared to a control group that did not receive any email. In addition, these tests unearthed optimal discount percentages for other segments, where offering a discount increased return on investment.

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During the webinar, Kelsey will walk us through multiple calendar-based and product affinity promotions campaigns, from the planning phase to the creative execution to the results and how they’re measured. She will also touch upon Crocs’ successful welcome email series, cart abandonment emails, and touch on work they’ve done around email send time optimization.  You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of how Crocs uses promotions to connect with their customers.

Be sure to join the live webinar with Crocs on Tuesday, August 5, at 1-2 pm ET and come prepared with questions for Kelsey. With a promotional twist of our own, all attendees will be eligible to win a $50 Amazon gift card, plus a one hour marketing diagnostic session. We’ll also be offering a special gift from Crocs to the attendee who asks the best question. See you there.


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