Retail Customer Analytics

Persona Analysis: Understand
Brand and Category Affinity

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What is Persona Analysis?

Every customer is unique. If you run a fashion website, some customers might buy fancy dresses and boots while others are interested in everyday jeans. Custora’s persona analysis looks at the collections of items that different types of shoppers buy over their whole lifetime.

First, Custora identifies what the personas are.

Then, Custora identifies the most likely persona for each and every customer.

Now more than ever, retailers have to understands their customers’ preferences. Persona Analysis looks at the collection of items that different types of shoppers buy over their entire lifetimes in order to assign each customer to an accurate and meaningful customer persona. These personas allow your marketing team to target customers with effective, relevant content.

What are some use cases of Persona Analysis?

  • Improved email segmentation - rather than simply segment along demographic lines, target emails based on types of items likely to appeal to your customers.
  • Cross-selling insights - Custora helps you hone your cross-selling efforts by providing insight into the types of products customers are likely to be interested in based on their personas.
  • Lifetime Value insights - some personas are more valuable than others. Learn which types of customers are driving the best margins and adjust your acquisition and advertising strategies accordingly.