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Automate tailored email messages for every single customer with lifecycle marketing.

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Using sophisticated behavioral pattern recognition, Custora finds the right lifecycle stage for each customer, whether they’re members who have yet to make their first purchase to loyal customers to formerly active customers at risk of not coming back. Our lifecycle marketing manager helps you test, refine, and automate new marketing ideas. We suggest ideas that are likely to succeed, show you what’s working, and automatically continue the best campaigns.

Here’s how retailers are
using Custora to earn more

Birchbox is earning 70% more
profit per customer by converting
members into repeat buyers.

+70% Profit

Revolve clothing achieved a 33%
lift in conversion from one-time
to repeat buyers.

+33% / Customer

CoffeeForLess achieved a 200%
lift in conversion from at-risk / lost
to repeat buyers.

+180% Revenue

You can earn a significant lift
in conversion by rewarding
your most loyal customers.