Things you can do with Custora

High-value customer ​prospecting.

The top 20% of customers often drive the lion’s share of revenue for a brand. Custora leverages predictive lifetime value models to surface high-value segments for lookalike targeting. These segments often more than double the Return on Ad Spend for Facebook and display campaigns.

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Convert one-time buyers into repeat shoppers.

Near the top of every marketing team’s list: What to do about one-time buyers. Given the customer-centric nature of this challenge, channel-centric marketing tools often fall short. Custora provides retailers with the insights and tools to build, test, and automate segmented post-purchase “journeys” for their most valuable one-time buyer segments across channels.

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Discover opportunities for growth.

Your data is dynamic, and so are the opportunities buried within. But you don’t know what you don’t know, you know? Custora continuously monitors your customer data to shine a spotlight on important segments, what matters most to them, and the best time to communicate.

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Reduce promotions.

Mary clicked on a discount email, so the ESP thinks she’s a discount seeker. She’s fanatical about new arrivals on site, so the site personalization tool thinks she’s luxe. She browses new markdowns on her phone, so the app thinks she’s a bargain shopper. There has to be a better way. Use Custora to understand the “discount sensitivity” of each customer and clone these insights into every tool in your marketing stack, so Mary see the same messages across channels.

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Send more personalized communications.

83% of consumers want personalization, yet only 23% think retailers are doing a good job. Data fragmentation sits at the core of this issue. Custora collates all your customer data across the ecosystem, enriches it with predictive insights, and then allows you to clone these customer attributes and insights across every tool in your marketing stack.

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Build complex segments in seconds.

The ability to discover and build customer segments is foundational to any marketing strategy. YET nasty database queries, BI tickets, and a lot of subsequent waiting around don’t make it particularly easy or enjoyable. Custora built a lightning fast natural language processing query system to allow you to build the most complex customer segments in the most intuitive way possible.

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Reduce customer churn.

You can’t afford to lose your best shoppers. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all rule to identify customers who are fading away, Custora surfaces a weekly segment of high-value customers comprised of individuals who have just started to veer off their own unique purchase tendencies.

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Optimize direct mail campaigns.

Catalogs and mailers aren’t cheap, but direct mail marketing can be very effective for increasing repeat purchases. Custora’s predictive product affinity and customer value models make it easy to target customers who are likely to respond to mail. Less printing, higher ROI. One retailer increased revenue per recipient by 166%. Nice.

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Identify "data-driven" personas.

Most marketing teams have a set of “psychographic” personas that represent key demographics and shopper types. These are sometimes based on intuition and long-held assumptions that might lag behind the behavior of a dynamic customer group. Custora surfaces five statistically significant personas within a data set to give teams a whole new lens for informing more personalized messaging and campaigns.

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Uncover predictive product recommendations.

Even after a customer’s first purchase, Custora’s affinity models uncover what products she’slikely to purchase in the future. Product affinities can be cloned into channel marketing tools like Facebook, display, site, and ESPs to effectively scale personalization efforts. Which customers might purchase the new bell bottom jeans? Affinities are especially powerful tools to find the right audience for markdowns and new arrivals.

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Improve on-site personalization.

Whether it’s a special landing page for your VIPs, personalized promo banners for discount sensitive shoppers, or optimized product assortments based on predicted preferences — maximize on-site conversion and Average Order Value by delivering experiences tailored to individual shoppers.

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Build ideal segments for markdowns.

Those bedazzled camo handbags just didn’t sell the way you expected. Rather than blasting the entire customer list to clear the remaining stock, Custora can find a group of customers who have an interest in handbags and love to shop the clearance rack.

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