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Years ago, when we were still figuring out what Custora was and what it could be, we gathered around a whiteboard, determined to articulate a vision.

It was super hard so we left and went to Kiku's for their bento box lunch special which at the time was a surprisingly good deal for sushi.

Later that evening, after what felt like hours of rigorous debate and sketching but was probably only 45 minutes, we realized we weren't making much progress.

The next day though, that's when it clicked. We realized we were in the business of extracting value from giant piles of data. Custora made data useful. Sure, we were focused purely on retail, but with a vision like that, we could grow into amazing things.

Today, we’re exploring ways in which analytics can improve the relationship between buyer and seller.

Our goal is to help businesses grow by means of a greater understanding of the people they serve.

And, as customers ourselves, we believe people should receive marketing messages they actually care about — and less of what they don’t.

Custora is a business-to-consumer Customer Relationship Management platform designed to help organizations better understand and market to their customers.

We’re on a mission to remove the “mass” from marketing with software tools that focus on customers as individuals with unique needs and interests. Our software employs the state-of-the-art in customer analytics methodologies and integrates directly with marketing tools to help brands deliver more relevant, timely, and meaningful communications.