How Bonobos is Preparing for a Data-Driven Holiday


Watch the webinar below to hear more from Elizabeth.

Bonobos has a reputation for delivering an excellent customer experience; whether it’s putting the entire staff on customer service duty on Cyber Monday, providing one-to-one shopping experiences in their guideshops, or cleverly segmenting their email campaigns, one thing’s for sure – when it comes to understanding their customers, Bonobos doesn’t monkey around (get it?).


To help spread some of that customer-centric love, we paired with Elizabeth Trongone Layne, Marketing Director at Bonobos (a Custora customer), for our most recent webinar on e-commerce holiday marketing. Read on for some of the tips she shared for putting your customers at the center of your holiday marketing plan.


Listen to the entire conversation below.


The holiday season is a marathon, not a sprint
While it may be tempting to pour most of your resources into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s important to remember that the holiday season is, well, a whole season. Elizabeth shared that Bonobos customers actually tend to shop for themselves around Cyber Monday, but don’t start their gift shopping until later in the season. By continuing strong holiday messaging and promotions throughout December, you can reach your customers when they’re likely to be making gift purchases.

Holiday Season Analysis

Results from Custora’s 2014 Holiday E-commerce Recap Report show other key dates during the holiday e-commerce season.

Focus on your star customers
With the influx of new customers around the holidays, it can be tough to decide where to channel resources. While every customer is important, future high value customers can often benefit from some special attention.

Using predictive CLV by cohort and acquisition channel, Bonobos understands where the most valuable customers were obtained. As early as a first purchase, Elizabeth and her team can predict future VIP customers and roll out the red carpet for them with targeted messaging and special offers.


Send the right message
While segmentation is an important year-round practice, it’s especially critical during the holidays because there’s such a wide variety of people browsing and purchasing. Retailers must segment their marketing to make sure the content is relevant for each individual.

The poll we took during the webinar revealed that most retail marketers expect email to drive more orders during 2015 than any other channel, so Elizabeth shared some relevant email segmentation strategies.

For instance, shoppers acquired around the holidays often come in from advice or a gift request and don’t know the brand very well. For these shoppers, Bonobos sends special messaging to provide a strong introduction to the brand.

Another great tactic Elizabeth shared was segmenting based on price sensitivity. Finding the people who will convert without a discount, and specializing messaging for them can have real top line impact.


And perhaps most importantly…


Retain those customers

Around the holidays, there’s a higher risk of one-and-done shoppers. According to Elizabeth, email is always important around season shifts. In fact, email is actually the #1 retention driver at Bonobos.

The first step to retaining “holiday customers” is to find them. Since holiday shoppers are different from your usual customer base, you’ll want to send them differentiated messaging. In addition to cross-sells and upsells from past purchases, Elizabeth suggests emailing these customers at other giftable moments like Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day.



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