How Urban Outfitters, Bonobos, Backcountry, and Sigma Beauty Improve Their Customers’ Journeys


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Finding customers and keeping customers are the central tenets of marketing. But how a company goes about fulfilling those goals can vary greatly from retailer to retailer.

We recently partnered with Curalate to host a webinar exploring how e-commerce leaders work to find and retain their best customers. We discussed how Bonobos and Backcountry.com use predictive customer lifetime value to find more valuable customers and spend the proper amount to acquire them. We also covered how Urban Outfitters and Sigma Beauty use User Generated Content (UGC) to improve customers’ on-site and social media experiences.

Webinar — Improving the customer journey: Acquisition + Retention

Additionally, we’re joined by Amber Mulle, Social Media Strategist from Sigma Beauty who discussed her team’s social media efforts and how they’ve had success leveraging UGC throughout their marketing programs.

In this presentation you’ll hear:

• How the integration of user-generated content (UGC) enhances a brand’s e-commerce strategy
• How retailers use predictive analytics to quickly identify their most valuable customers and improve acquisition

• How authentic UGC fosters brand loyalty

• Predictive Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and how leading retailers put it to use


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