Expert e-commerce email

Email is a top marketing channel, driving close to 1/5 of orders year round. The recent holiday season provided more evidence of email’s importance, with email driving almost a quarter of e-commerce orders over Thanksgiving weekend and close to 30% of orders on Black Friday. (Read about these stats and other marketing trends in our Holiday 2014 Recap report.)

Given email’s prominence, we recently paired up with Movable Ink to explore e-commerce email strategies and share what’s been working for leading online retailers. This “Expert e-commerce email” provides a framework to involve segmentation in any marketing effort.

Below is a preview of the webinar. Watch the full recording for additional details along with specific examples from Custora and Movable Ink customers.



E-commerce email can be broken down into three categories:

  • Trigger Based
  • Transactional
  • Calendar Based

Each of these is comprised of several sub-categories which can be enriched with effective segmentation.

There are two general dimensions for segmentation: demographic (geography, age, gender, income, etc.) and behavioral (purchases, device use, site behavior, lifecycle status, acquisition channel, etc.). Rather than use every sub-dimension available, it is most effective to choose a few key variables to segment on.

To help get you started with segmentation, we go over the seven dimensions that tend to be the best predictors of high value customers:

  • Acquisition Path
  • First Purchase
  • Device Type
  • Geography
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Age

Watch the full webinar (and download the deck) to learn how to apply advanced segmentation and hear specific examples of how top retailers like Backcountry, Sole Society, and Nasty Gal use these strategies in their marketing.