Unrivaled statistical modeling and retail expertise.

There’s a reason (four, actually) why some of the world’s sharpest marketing teams use Custora every day.



Custora’s best-in-class models enrich customer data with predictive insights like Customer Lifetime Value, product recommendations and churn propensity.

For every new client we also we also perform validation testing with hold-out groups to ensure the accuracy of our predictions.

Aaaand we’ve accrued some serious compounded industry knowledge across 150 Billion+ customer transactions across 10 retail categories and 4 verticals.


Sometimes we describe Custora as a really expensive can of WD40 that you can spray on top of your marketing analytics machine.

Pull segments in minutes, not months. Move clearance inventory faster with targeted audience on Facebook. Decide your next best marketing move with our data-driven campaign recommendations.

Custora is designed to remove the friction preventing marketers from getting more — and more personalized — campaigns out the door.


One of our customers told us about a MySQL nightmare they had, pre-Custora. Bill (not his real name) was standing naked in front of a room full of server stacks with red, beady, blinking, sinister little flashing eyes. They just stood there, wobbling side to side, laughing at his querying anxiety.

Our mission is to make it simple to find useful customer insights and do stuff with data. We offer simple dashboards and tools with interfaces designed to help marketers leverage data to its full potential. We want marketers to have happy dreams about segmentation.



If there were ever a Battle of Customer Success Teams competition — but instead of “athletic prowess,” events were centered around things like consultative rapport, quantitative + qualitative analysis for prioritization , and kickoff road-mapping — well, we’d definitely make the podium.

Combining industry expertise from brands like Guess, Chanel, Sephora, and J. Crew, analytical prowess from Wharton, Harvard, and American Express, and design-driven practices from IDEO, our team is there to ensure our software works hard for your organization.